Solar heating's great advantage is that the energy from the Sun is free. The UK is not the most reliable country to provide sunshine but panels can work through clouds.

And although the initial installation costs remain comparatively high, there are circumstances where solar energy can significantly contribute towards heating homes. Two key ways are the installation of specifically designed solar panels, positioned on roof spaces, and passive solar energy, where heat generated through windows in a passive way, is controlled and utilized as part of a system design.

Solar heating systems have received mixed reviews over a number of years. But like any new concept, progress and technology are greatly improving the efficiency of producing this free and clean energy. It is important to measure carbon reduction by assessing the entire process, from extracting materials to make solar panels, the delivery, installation and running costs. However, solar energy remains a huge untapped energy source and IDM is keeping abreast of technological changes to be able to offer clients the best the market has to offer.

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