Who we are and What we do

IDM is a privately owned limited company formed in 1991. Built on a firm foundation of traditional gas heating maintenance and installation, today IDM offers a diverse range of products and services in space heating and thermal comfort and is at the forefront of major change in interior temperature control.

Our range of services and products extends to the design, installation and maintenance of kitchens and bathrooms, providing technical and legal advice on energy systems, comprehensive management of large scale contracts and a building repairs service for occupied dwellings and void properties.

IDM is progressive, changing from being simply a traditional gas-heating installation and maintenance company to a diverse enterprise offering a range of services, from basic heating repairs to a holistic approach in supplying efficient and environmentally sensitive temperature control within buildings. We aim always to offer an excellent service for individuals, multi property organisations and developers, covering domestic and commercial buildings. Our Services and Products page provides more detail.

Future predictions, of very expensive fuel bills and environmental damage caused by carbon emissions, mean that IDM is ready now to embrace new technologies and systems to provide our clients with the best opportunities to achieve thermal comfort at affordable prices. Conservation and recycling systems are also part of IDM's diverse range, installing systems to capture and re-use rainwater, create and store energy and adapt existing systems to incorporate latest technologies without having to 'start again'. You can learn more about the new services and products we offer by going to the Alternative Energy Systems page.

From 2013, IDM will be positioned to take advantage of the Governments new Green Deal Initiative where we will act as an accredited Green Deal Installer, providing services to improve home heating efficiency as part of the new financial initiatives package to assist homeowners.

We offer a Client Advice service to help with technical solutions in thermal comfort and control, for new buildings and refurbishments, and to meet clients' targets in carbon emission reduction and eradicating fuel poverty. In understanding our clients' needs to balance property investment with budgets, we advise both on legal compliance as a basis from which to build a programme of maintenance and improvements and cost predictability to support decision making on investment.

Within a culture of professionalism, quality, timeliness and innovation, we provide comprehensive contract, call-centre and data management services for individuals, developers, social enterprises and commercial businesses alike. Our Contract Management page provides more detail for you.

If you want to learn more, please get in touch through the contact us page.