Built on core values of understanding, respect and care, we provide a twenty four hour phone service, emergency response, comprehensive administration and technical support. Your customer care is very important to us and we invite feedback, to help us continually improve.

Twenty Four Hour Cover

IDM provides a comprehensive, twenty four hour phone service for it's clients to ensure that both day to day and emergency requests are handled promptly, professionally and with care.

A team of dedicated, well trained staff are available to take customer calls to arrange repairs, servicing and any other type of service within our remit. We can include this service, to home owners and large organisations alike, as part of an overall heating maintenance contract or as an optional extra if a customer does not currently have emergency cover.


Our business requires that we are well equipped to deal with any emergency related to work we carry out and maintain.

We have robust, professionally managed systems in place to attend emergencies, immediately where required, twenty four hours a day, 365 days per year. We follow up emergency work promptly to make sure your systems are operating fully and any disturbances during emergency works are rectified. Our team is trained to quickly interpret customers' needs to deploy engineers to repair the problem. Our existing contracts include emergency call out procedures, which we manage operationally for our clients. We also support governing body GAS SAFE, if gas leaks are reported.

Operational Management

In addition to providing telephone services, we provide comprehensive operational management for our clients covering all administration, arranging servicing dates, all contract administration and data collection.

We provide a complete file set for each and every property we manage, electronically and paper record where necessary, arranging data and producing reports to meet client requirements. Our systems are versatile to enable clients to transfer management responsibilities to an operational level that suits. We currently work in partnership with a number of clients in a culture of performance management, producing statistical evidence to measure key performance indicators.

Technical Advice

In tandem with taking call enquiries and deploying engineers, we also provide full technical support on products and services to enable clients to make decisions to suit their needs.

As part of our service to customers, we provide free technical support to home owners and clients with large property portfolios. Support ranges from helpful tips on how to control heating affordably to advising on central heating design, boiler options, energy performance and suitability and sustainability of materials. Our team includes highly trained professionals who are competent to provide the best technical advice on heating and cooling systems as well as our range of alternative energy systems.

If you want to learn more, please get in touch through the contact us page.