Design and Plan

IDM has the technical knowledge and experience to design and plan gas installations for clients, taking account of building use and client comfort as well as regulatory requirements.

It is essential to consider all options available at an early stage. Building size, layout and location have a significant influence on system types and IDM can offer advice and direction to clients, covering material selection, pipe layout and sizing, use of controls and maintenance beyond installation. 

Installation of new Systems

IDM installs a wide range of new heating systems to achieve the best possible comfort for you.

Following the design and planning stage, it is important to install according to plans whilst also being versatile to accommodate client changes during construction. We carefully consider heating and water needs from the outset, the required level of control and the positioning of appliances and radiators for aesthetics as well as regulatory requirements. Our teams are suitably qualified in gas safety and installation and are supervised by a well structured, supportive management that ensures excellent quality assurance throughout. 

Boiler Options

Boilers vary, in size, shape, performance and look. The right boiler depends on the size and complexity of buildings as well as client requirements.

Despite such a wide range of options, IDM appraises each boiler type to determine which perform best in different situations. We also keep abreast of latest boiler technology to advise customers about how they can further reduce carbon emissions without compromising on boiler efficiency.

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