kitchens and bathrooms

We design and install new kitchens and bathrooms for clients and welcome the opportunity to work with you, whether you are a home owner or manage a portfolio of properties. We also refurbish existing kitchen and bathroom spaces to client requirements.

We combine contemporary or traditional tastes with practically in design and installation. In addition, we use our heating systems expertise to ensure your use of water is comfortable, controllable and affordable. We can manage the whole project, producing bespoke or standard range products. Or we can be part of a contract team, separately offering any part of the service from water and waste service, worktops and units, flooring, electrical installation to final decorations.

We partner with excellent suppliers who offer wide kitchen and bathroom ranges and keen prices. Our edge over competitors, we believe, is that we offer greater flexibility in design and installation to suit your requirements, incorporating excellent water, electricity and gas systems without you having to employ several contractors.

As well as designing and installing from new, we renew existing kitchens and bathrooms. We consider our clients need to remain in their homes during the work and plan to minimize disruption, complete the work to a tight schedule and maintain a high quality finish. What's important to us is to make sure that your needs are served as part of the renewal and during the work. We provide protection to your fixtures and fittings, work to hours that suit you, clean and tidy as we progress and make sure we provide a finished product which is both beautiful and functional, to your plans.

We can design out and incorporate products to reduce water waste when renewing, installing new or upgrading. Water, as with energy, is an increasingly scarce resource and future legislation may require metering of mains water, resulting in more expense. So it pays to plan ahead and incorporate good design and products that prevent water being used wastefully. Examples of savings include the reduction of long hot water pipe runs where taps are left on until water heats, overflows discharging wastefully outside the building, lack of water control at tap outputs, flushing mechanisms.

If you want to learn more, please get in touch through the contact us page.