Central Heating

Now is an ideal opportunity to invest in a central heating system that provides cleaner, more efficient heat when and how you want, with the added bonus of saving you hundreds of pounds a year by drastically reducing fuel use. Old systems and poor insulation lose so much energy and money. What's worse is that bills are set to rise sharply. The average annual UK heating bill (2012) now exceeds £1,000 and is likely to double within the next five years if trends continue upward.

The good news is that the cost of a new central heating system has remained relatively low for a decade due to low inflation and wage costs.

And from 2013, you may be able to take advantage of the Governments new Green Deal Initiative where payments for heating and insulation improvements will not need to be paid up front but rather through the savings in your energy bill as a direct consequence of investing in more efficient heating systems.

We offer free advice and quotes, listen to your needs and provide competitively priced central heating that meets the highest UK standards in efficiency and safety.

We understand people’s need to juggle budgets, so offer flexibility to upgrade systems at affordable rates. We provide easy to use valves onto your existing radiators to give greater room control. We replace old boilers for highly efficient new types, piped to existing systems and mechanically flushed through to greatly improve your heating capabilities. Or we can design, install and maintain completely new systems to incorporate latest technology controls, appliances and the most efficient radiators on the market.

The sums are now firmly stacked against retaining old systems and poorly insulated homes. It makes money sense to invest now in a new system tailored to your needs, providing safer, reliable heating more affordably without the worry of sky high future gas bills. And your personal contribution to lowering global carbon emissions is precious.

As an alternative to using gas heated systems, we invite you to consider using sustainable energy driven heating systems from our alternative energy range. You do not need to worry about starting from scratch either. There are products that can be attached to your existing system to replace or compliment your gas central heating. And the costs of installation are becoming ever more affordable. With the right system, it is easily possible to halve your gas bills or even reduce them to zero. For more information, go to the Alternative Energy Systems page.

Installation of new Systems

IDM installs a wide range of new heating systems to achieve the best possible comfort for you.

We carefully consider your heating and water needs holistically and at different times of the day, the level of control that's important to you and the positioning of appliances and radiators for aesthetics as well as regulatory requirements. Our teams are highly qualified in gas safety and installation and are managed by a well structured, supportive management that ensures excellent quality assurance throughout.

Upgrading Existing Systems

Existing Heating systems can be upgraded to significantly improve performance.

Such upgrades, which include energy efficient boilers, zoned heating, thermostatic control at each radiator, can better control the comfort within your home, help reduce heating bills and contribute toward reductions in global carbon waste, potentially harmful to our environment. With an ever greater emphasis on carbon emission control as well as client comfort and affordability in energy costs, IDM works in partnership with many clients, upgrading existing systems to meet regulatory targets and maximise comfort.

Boiler Options

We at IDM will work with you to find the best available boiler to suit your needs.

With such a wide ranging display on the market, boilers vary in size, strength and cost. As part of its ongoing research and development, IDM tracks the performance of all boiler types it maintains to be able to expertly assess which boilers perform best in different situations. We also seek out newer boiler types and assess their potential. Whether conventional, combination or condensing, all new boilers must achieve stringent energy ratings and we are well placed to advise on the best options available for you.

If you want to learn more, please get in touch through the contact us page.