Growth and Future Direction

Although IDM's growth to date has been based upon gas systems installation and maintenance, we predict future growth in a climate of radical change

IDM has grown successfully over the past decade through a strategy of winning long term gas heating installation and maintenance contracts, most specifically in the social housing sector. A small to medium size enterprise, employing twenty staff, we believe that the success of winning new and repeat business is based on being customer focused, delivering projects on time and producing high quality products and services.

Our business model is successful, we believe, due to measured growth, continuously investing in staff skills and training and a management culture with sound business values and a clear vision.

However, the future of how to temperature control buildings is rapidly changing for a number of reasons not least of which is a prediction of prohibitive increases in fuel costs. Huge global growth in property heating and cooling over the last half century together with a finite supply of energies such as gas and fossil fuels is leading to inevitable hikes in fuel bills and the threat of environmental damage due to global warming.

Necessity is very much the mother of invention and IDM is prepared now to embrace change. Our thirty year business plan is geared towards investing in design, installation and maintenance of systems that primarily reduce energy output but also take advantage of alternative energies to meet at least the same comfort levels. The future is about using as little energy as possible to provide desirable levels of thermal control. New systems and buildings use will develop from this necessity.

IDM expects a significant period of transition over the next decade where product and service change will be greatly influenced by fuel and water prices as well as stringent government regulations to eradicate unnecessary waste. Using traditional fuels may well become exceptionally expensive against today's costs. At IDM, we are investing in our peoples' skills and abilities to provide new products and services for our clients. We have a solid business base from which to grow, the flexibility to adapt and a culture for change because it's necessary for well being of future generations.

Now, mid way through 2011, the combination of recent gas price hikes and the Governments proposal to provide a "green bank" to encourage investment means that there's an even greater focus on making renewable energy productive, affordable and attractive.

To learn more about our ideas in new systems and products, go to the Alternative Energy Systems page. 

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