Ground Source Systems are now a realistic, eco friendly alternative to deliver heat to your home at a fraction of the running costs of oil, coal and gas burning systems.

A renewed effort to improve technology to harness geothermal heat means that systems are becoming much more efficient and affordable. Whilst the initial installation costs currently remain much higher than a conventional heating system, future hikes in fuel bills for conventional systems make the investment ever more viable, when compared over the life cycle of a conventional boiler system.

Ground source heating is an old concept, re-established in recent years as a realistic alternative to other forms of home heating. What gives it greater credence now is better technology in ground source pump manufacturing against depleting oil, gas and coal reserves worldwide and the increasing threat of adverse climate change resulting from use of carbon emitting energy.

If you currently have an inefficient heating system, a reasonably sized garden or plan to develop new homes, you may be in a very good position to take advantage of latest technology ground sourced systems to free users from the burden of increasingly high fuel bills and lower personal carbon footprints.

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